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Age of Kung Fu - Second Internal Skill

Martial skill - Official Age of Wushu Dynasty Wiki A player has two slots for equipping Weapons - a Main Weapon and Secondary Weapon. The Skill sets the player equips must relate to at least one of them. This means that a player with a Single Sword and a Staff could potentially have: 2x Single Sword Skills. 2x Staff Skills. 1x Single Sword Skill + 1x Staff Skill. DoomVegan Gaming Blog: Age of Wushu Guide Jan 06, 2014 · Age of Wushu is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. I’ve spent 100s of hours and haven’t even come close to trying everything out the game has to offer. Sure Wushu does contain bits of grinding/waiting but that is mitigated by the fact you always have something new to try or another choice to make or skill set to master. Age of Wushu Dynasty - Discover Kungfu Hero Within

As Age of Wushu does not have a rigid level system in place, the only way to determine a character's power would be by the level of the character's skills.'Leveling up' a skill is called'cultivating' the skill. To cultivate a skill, cultivation points are needed. To see tables showing the exact...

Age of Wushu - Tangmen Inner 6 + Swallow The Whale lvl 13 - Duration: 3:12:34. Never Forget 26,400 views. 3:12:34. Black Desert Online I ROAD TO 600 GS pt.1/2 I TIME FOR PENS - Duration: 13:01.

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