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What is the meaning of "Tokes for the Dealer"? Answered by: Ian , An Expert in the All About Blackjack Category "Tokes for the dealer" is called out by the dealer when a player gives the dealer a tip (called a toke). What is a Casino Dealer position - answers.com What is a Casino Dealer position? ... If you think about a positive job promotion, it means you are getting a promotion which you were waiting to work on. There might be other promotions too, like ... Casino Gambling Glossary A to F - il dado Casinos require that you use chips for betting. They are purchased at the gaming tables and exchanged at the cashier's booth or cage. Chip Tray - The tray in front of a dealer that holds that table s inventory of chips. Chips - Round tokens that are used on casino gaming tables in lieu of cash.

Casino glossary A to F, gambling terms, meaning of words: Terminology, Jargon, Slang, Vocabulary. * A to F . G to Q. R to Z. A Action - The amount of money wagered (put into action) by a player during an entire playing session. Active Player - In poker, one who is still in play. Add-on - In poker, the facility to buy additional chips in tournaments. Aggregate Limit - Total payout liability of ...

By being a casino dealer you are guaranteed of making huge money profits as the appetite for playing casino games never seems to be satiable. Large scale... Online Casino FAQ - Most Frequently Asked Online Casino

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Best online casinos for real money Poker Dealer Jobs & Careers - Everything You Need To Know If you're a fan of poker then a job as a poker dealer could be the ideal career option. Aside from having the opportunity to travel the international tournament circuit and meet some of the top players in the world, proficient poker dealers …

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MyPlan.com is unquestionably the best resource on the Internet for career and college information. Their long list of free services includes career profiles, career videos, salary data, college profiles, information on majors and degrees, financial aid advice, and career assessment tests. What is the meaning of "Tokes for the Dealer"? | YoExpert Q&A The dealer must pick the toke bets up, yell out "tokes for the dealer" and tap the table before adding the tokes to the toke box. It is an absolute must for a dealer to make sure they always call out this phrase when collecting a toke, as the floor supervisor and pit boss must be aware of all activity going on at the table. A 10 Day Guide to Understanding Casino Operations

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